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Covid-19 Information
Prep Cook @ Apartments
Job Type: Part-Time
Department: Dietary
Job Shift: 
Job Status

COVID vaccine is a must for employment

$1,000 sign-on bonus

16 to 24 hours per week to work 8:30-12:30.  Rotating holidays and weekends.

Position Summary: Performs a variety of quantity cooking on a set time schedule and other kitchen duties and directs food preparation under the supervision of the Executive Chef. Transports food products prepared in C Building for dinner service in A and B buildings; prepares supper meals for Assisted Living Residents. Must adhere to all standards of the Department of Public Welfare and OSHA. Responsibility: 1. Reads and follows extended menus, preparation book and bulletin boards; 2. Prepares items skillfully and on strict time schedule; 3. Serves on food service line as needed; 4. Modifies/updates recipes as needed; notifies Executive Chef of same 5. Directs and oversees completion of food preparation as needed and for consistent product in all buildings. 6. Stores and labels and dates leftovers 7. Prepares food for special functions as needed. 8. Performs duties as assigned by Executive Chef; 9. Completes and initials job tasks in quality assurance book; 10. Keeps work areas clean, orderly and safe; 11. Attend various facility committee meetings as deemed necessary; 12. Serve as liaison with Assistance in Living department; 13. Prepares food supplies to be sent to A&B buildings. 14. Washes pots and pans. 15. Sweeps and mops kitchen-prep area daily. 16. Attends regularly scheduled meetings to resolve common problems and concerns in all apartment buildings’ Dietary Staff. 17. Removes food items from the truck, places in kitchen area of A and B Buildings. 18. Collects all pots and pans, containers, etc. as they are ready. 19. Maintains a safe work environment and exhibits safe work practices, assuring resident safety. 

Environmental Conditions: 1. Works mainly in apartment building facility’s kitchen; 2. Is subject to frequent interruptions; 3. Is involved with residents, personnel, visitors, government agencies/personnel, vendors, contractors and visitors; 4. Works beyond normal working hours when necessary; 5. Attends and participates in continuing educational programs and meetings; 6. Is exposed to occasional wet floors, dust, fumes, noise; and, 7. Works on hard floor surfaces. 8. Warmer during summer months 9. Cold temperatures when unpacking stock in walk-ins.

The Williamsport Home is an EOE

Please call our Human Resources Manager, Gina Champion at 570-323-8781 for further details.

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