On March 19th Brittany Wittman McLaughlin, BS, MFA and certified Therapeutic Art Coach, facilitated a “Remember When” Art Workshop with eleven Independent Living Residents at The Williamsport Home Apartments. Brittany understands the importance of creative self expression at all ages. She shared her knowledge of how art heals, engages the mind, and creates a sense of well-being with the participants.
This was a personal experience for Ms. Wittman McLaughlin as she remembered when she was a little girl and her Great Aunt Dot lived at The Williamsport Home Apartments. She would play at the billiard table - rolling the balls around - in the very same activity room where the class was held. 
The Residents were curious, interested in being creative, and were ready to try something new. Many of them stated that they could not draw, or that they were not artists, but at the conclusion of the session, everyone had a story to tell and a painting to share. Using an exercise in creative visualization, each woman recalled a memory that brought to their mind great joy. Using journaling, they made notes about what they saw and how they remembered this time or event. They made a sketch before taking brush to canvas to illustrate - in either a literal or abstract manner - their joyful memory. Their memories included family vacations, milestones, childhood pleasures and special people in their lives. 
Brittany stated “It was a beautiful experience for me to encourage their creativity and witness their memories in this group setting. I am grateful to have had this experience and I look forward to offering more creative workshops in their community.” The Residents all shared that they enjoyed the experience very much!


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