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How Seniors Can Develop a Healthy, Independent Lifestyle

Years ago, we could run an extra mile or two on the treadmill. Hiking was a fun and frequent family activity. Getting up at 5:30AM to get in a workout before the day begins was an ordinary occurrence. However, as we age - our bodies age; we begin to experience many changes, leaving us with questions and doubts about our future. “I want to keep active, but what options do I have?” “Can I still exercise?” “How can I take better care of myself?”

Before making strides to better your health, it is strongly encouraged and recommended to have a conversation with your physician; discuss the risks and benefits involved in beginning an exercise program and decide what type of physical activity is right for you. Review the list of medications you are currently taking, your current health habits, and mention any new symptoms that you have recently noticed.

Kaleb Roudabush, Wellness Coordinator, indicated, “This is a great opportunity to be up to date on blood work, vitals and body weight. These are great metrics to track progress such as weight loss, blood pressure, blood sugar and A1C.”

The key to wellness is making good lifestyle choices. Good lifestyle choices can make our golden years the best time of our lives and assist us in maintaining a healthy, independent lifestyle.

Wellness is multidimensional, integrating the mind, body and soul. The Williamsport Home offers a comprehensive, customized wellness program to meet the needs of each resident.

Physical Wellness

Once your health history is established, you can begin to set goals. Roudabush added, “To start, a fitness test is done to find a benchmark of lower and upper body strength and flexibility along with endurance and agility.” The wellness program provides many ways to keep residents healthy while trying to reach their specific goals.

Exercise and balance classes are offered to help improve physical strength and well-being. There are life trail stations placed along campus walkways to provide opportunities for residents to walk and exercise outdoors. Roudabush provides accountability by providing walking logs and rewards for distances walked.

Mental Wellness

To help strengthen the mind, there are trivia challenges along with health topic presentations helping residents make better lifestyle choices. There are other life enrichment events such as a Field Day which includes friendly competition of shuffleboard, golf putting, bocci, and various other activities. Roudabush beamed, “Being outdoors, being competitive, laughing and socializing isn’t just for the young!”

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual well-being is developed by your own personal values and ethics. This is self-determined and a critical component of your overall health and happiness. Without having a purpose, it becomes very difficult to live well. The support our wellness program and the community of The Williamsport Home Apartments provide is an important part of remaining a happy and productive person, regardless of age.

Our wellness coordinator, Kaleb Roudabush, would be happy to discuss or share ways to help you become healthy and independent. Feel free to contact him at 570-323-8781.


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