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Today was the kick-off to our annual candle-light meal! Chef Kate prepared shrimp cocktail with bruschetta, spring salad with house dressing, dinner roll with honey whipped butter, seared steak with caramelized red onions with mashed potatoes and green beans. For dessert they enjoyed brownie alamode. Of course, they also had a glass of wine.
A few of our residents from our Valleyview building C that enjoyed their meal were Al Brown, Lorraine Scheib, Arlene Frey, Connie DeGregory, Jane Hassler, Joyce Wise, Linda Dieffenbach, Lucille Nancarrow and Ray Strouble. They were served by our Board of Managers Sue, Sharon and Candy as well as employees, Kaleb Roudabush, Karen Eiswerth and Melinda Menne. Follow us tomorrow for our Deerfield resident photos at The Williamsport Home.

Shrimp Cocktail salad and bruschetta   meal   dessert   Al Brown   Arlene Frey with Karen Eiswerth   Connie DeGregory with Sue Evans   Janse Hassler with Kaleb Roudabush  Joyce Wise with Sharon Atherholt   Linda Dieffenbach with Cady Dewar   Lorraine Scheib with Kaleb Roudabush   Lucille Nancarrow with Melinda Menne



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