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Our Specialty Care unit enjoys all the activities on campus.  They had fun blowing bubbles and reminiscing on the good ole days, baking chocolate chip cookies, making doggie treats to share with the SPCA, having a fall craft day, helping the kitchen shuck corn and enjoying lunch in the pavilion.

Blowing Bubbles 1  Blowing Bubbles 3  Blowing Bubbles 6  Blowing Bubbles 10  Choc Chip Cookies 7  Choc Chip Cookies 4  Choc Chip Cookies 11  Cookies 3 Cookies 11 Cookies 13 Fall Crafts 4 Fall Crafts 9   Shucking Corn 5 Shucking Corn 9   Shucking Corn 1 Pavilion lunch 1 Pavilion lunch 3 Pavilion lunch 7



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