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Wellness Programs Work!

 The Williamsport Home Apartments are 100% devoted to the wellness of the people that live on our campus. Kaleb Roudabush, NSCA-CPT is our full time Wellness Coordinator. His job is to encourage and assist the residents in maintaining their independence. One of the programs he is most enthusiastic about is his Fitness Assessment program.

 Ida Stitzer 97 years young, and her daughter Carol Bixler are pretty excited about the program as well. In 2018 Kaleb tested Ida’s ability to perform some physical tasks such as standing up from a chair, touching her toes from a sitting position, a timed walk of 8 feet, and an arm curl with a 5 pound dumbbell. She participated in strength and balance groups which Kaleb leads. In 2019 her results showed a remarkable improvement. Keep in mind she went from 96 to 97 years old!

 She improved in every single measurement! She went from needing assistance to stand from a chair to doing it with no assistance, she went from not being able to reach her toes from a sitting position to reaching them, and she improved her ability to walk from needing a walker to not needing a walker. She also lost 10 pounds which will help with her ability to stay active.

 Ida is thrilled and her daughter Carol’s response was “This is amazing! Mom loves the program and looks forward to the classes. You are making a huge difference in her life! ”

 If you would like to learn more about the Wellness Program at The Williamsport Home Apartments please call 570-323-8781 and ask for Kim Haller, Director of Independent Living or Kaleb Roudabush, Wellness Coordinator. Ida


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