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Today was the kick-off to our annual candle-light meal! Chef Kate prepared shrimp cocktail with bruschetta, spring salad with house dressing, dinner roll with honey whipped butter, seared steak with caramelized red onions with mashed potatoes and green beans. For dessert they enjoyed brownie alamode. Of course, they also had a glass of wine.
A few of our residents from our Valleyview building C that enjoyed their meal were Al Brown, Lorraine Scheib, Arlene Frey, Connie DeGregory, Jane Hassler, Joyce Wise, Linda Dieffenbach, Lucille Nancarrow and Ray Strouble. They were served by our Board of Managers Sue, Sharon and Candy as well as employees, Kaleb Roudabush, Karen Eiswerth and Melinda Menne. Follow us tomorrow for our Deerfield resident photos at The Williamsport Home.

Shrimp Cocktail salad and bruschetta   meal   dessert   Al Brown   Arlene Frey with Karen Eiswerth   Connie DeGregory with Sue Evans   Janse Hassler with Kaleb Roudabush  Joyce Wise with Sharon Atherholt   Linda Dieffenbach with Cady Dewar   Lorraine Scheib with Kaleb Roudabush   Lucille Nancarrow with Melinda Menne


Happy Valentine's Day from The Williamsport Home to our residents! They enjoyed wine, cheese and crackers with their noon time meal along with cake and an oatmeal raisin cookie!  It looks like Jerry Nau, Donna Allen and Tillie Houseknecht are toasting to an awesome meal, fellowshipping and friendships!
If you would like to tour our apartments and missed our open house, please call Kim Rank at 570-322-2763.

Valentines Day wine and cheese   Valentines Day Jerry Nau Donna allen and Tillie Houseknecht   Valentines Day dessert

Our Wellness Coordinator, Kaleb Roudabush does annual fitness tests on all residents that are interested in knowing where they are with their fitness goals. He will review everything he will be testing residents on and then if he has totals from the previous year, he will review both years with each resident. He will also adjust the testing to meet each residents' needs.
Here we have Donna Allen working with Kaleb and she did an awesome job!! Donna is right where she needs to be and has not really changed from last year to this year!
As always, residents appreciate Kaleb for all that he does for them both mentally and physically!
Way to go Kaleb!

Donna Allen Kaleb reviewing 2023 testing  Donna Allen taking blood pressure and vitals  Donna Allen lifting her legs   Donna Allen rotating her foot  Donna Allen measuring Donnas reach to her toes   Donna Allen lifting weight bell   Donna Allen getting up and down a chair   Donna Allen measuring Donnas get up and go  Donna Allen measuring Donnas reach behind her back   Donna Allen walking in place   Donna Allen Kaleb reviewing 2022 and 2023 testing 


So, what does The Williamsport Home do on National hot cocoa day? We drink hot cocoa! Chef Kate started with our Edgewood apartment residents as they enjoyed all the fixins' to put into the cocoa as well as sugary treats and a fruit tray! What a great way to end January and move into February! Follow us tomorrow as we will continue the fun in our Deerfield building.
If you think you would like to learn more about what we do here, please contact Kim Rank at 570-322-2763.

Hot Cocoa Bar Edgewood All the fixins   Hot Cocoa Bar Edgewood Table setting  Hot Cocoa Bar Edgewood Fruit tray Hot Cocoa Bar Edgewood Evelyn Shaffer and Helen Miller  Hot Cocoa Bar Edgewood boys table  Hot Cocoa Bar Edgewood Jane Kline Peggy Lupacchino Elnora Opdahl   Hot Cocoa Bar Edgewood Norma PeacockKate Frey and Ladene Martin Hot Cocoa Bar Edgewood Norma Peacock Ladene Martin Lois Stryker  

Our Wellness Coordinator, Kaleb Roudabush did a presentation for our Personal Care residents on Rain Forests. The residents were intrigued and even answered the trivia questions correctly! Chef Kate prepared some fruit that was found in the warmer climates and Kaleb treated residents and staff to his homemade ice cream with his third-generation family recipe! Activities Aide Betsy also helped serve the residents. All of our residents anticipate Kaleb's ice cream a few times throughout the year. Thank you to Kaleb for always keeping our residents physically and mentally moving!
If you would like to become a resident at The Williamsport Home please call Kim Rank at 570-322-2763.

Kaleb presenting Welcome to the tropics   Kaleb speaking 12623   Food table 12623  Fruit on table 12623           Fruit salsa 12623     Sand pails on table 12623    Bunny Ditchfield with Kaleb 12623   Dick Crownover 12623  Jean Troutman with Betsy 12623  Joe Staccone 12623   Ted Piotrowski with Betsy 12623  Kate with ice cream



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