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Every August The Williamsport Home Apartments have a campus wide picnic under the "big top" tent. This year however, with all the rain and storms we had to relocate inside. Each building had their own "cook-in" with Shrimp coctail, hamburgers and cheese cake. Everyone still had a good time but we are hoping for better weather next year.

A Bldg picnicb Bldg picnicC Bldg Picnic


One of the reasons many people do not want to give up their home and move to a senior living situation is to not have access to the outside, or have a yard. One of the great reasons to come and live at The Williamsport Home Apartments is you DO have access to the outside with beautiful grounds, lots of wildlife and if you like flowers you can have some!! Gladys Dapp loves flowers and knew she would miss her house and yard. But she has managed to make her patio beautiful! And we are all lucky to enjoy it with her. Many of our residents have potted plants on their balconies or small gardens on or near their patios... one more reason to love The Williamsport Home Apartments.

Flowers 2flowers 3

The Williamsport Home is proud to provide the necessary training for people that want to begin a nursing career by becoming a CNA - Certified Nurse Assistant. We provide the training and you get paid while you learn!! If you are interested in taking your first step in a nursing career please stop by The Williamsport Home and fill out an application, or you can apply on line.

Congratulations to our latest graduating class!

Grads 8 7 18

Our little babies are growing fast! Saw these two little ones relaxing on the lawn and snapped a couple of picture!

 Babies 1Babies 2Babies 3

Every year Dawnette Shobert, the Skilled Nursing Facility Activities Director, holds a fund raiser for the SPCA. Residents, families and staff bring in pictures of their pets. The pictures are displayed and you vote for the cutest pet with a donation. This year over $175 in cash and supplies were raised to help the Reach Road SPCA. 

Residents love to take the donation to the shelter so they can present it and get in some cuddle time with the animals looking for homes. Ada Shick and Marla Crossley were two of the residents that went along and they fell in love with these cute little kittens. It is so satisfying to be able to do something to help others! 


So, what is nicer than some cheese and crackers and a glass of wine outside in a beautiful pavilion on a nice green lawn with lots of friends? Not too much! The Travel Committee strikes again!! Another fun (and tasty) fund raiser. 

Wine 1Wine 2Wine 3


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