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Nature at it's finest at The Williamsport Home

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Kaleb Roudabush, Wellness Coordinator, continues to expand and bring new life enriching programs to Independent Living and Personal Care residents on The Williamsport Home Campus.

Kaleb annually provides a resident assessment free for all Independent Living residents to assess and measure their balance, gait and endurance. Here Kaleb is working with Jerry Nau on stretching and lifting exercises.   

Bus trips are happy events here at The Williamsport Home Apartments! B Building recently had a great time on a perfect afternoon at Pier 87. Each month a different building gets a bus trip and the Residents choose where they would like to go in Lycoming County. It just so happened that the day of our trip to Pier 87 was a beautiful day. Some people decided to eat outside with a view of Loyalsock Creek and other at inside out of the sun. Everyone enjoyed their dinner and a fun afternoon.

Every year The Williamsport Home Apartments has an apartment wide outdoor picnic under a big white tent. Well, every year but the last two when we had to move indoors due to severe weather! We were all a little disappointed that the party had to move inside the three apartment buildings but it was still fun and everyone enjoyed the burgers, corn on the cob, and all the other goodies at the indoor picnic!

The Williamsport Home & Apartment campus is beautiful in all seasons! Summer is no exception. Just a couple of pictures of some of the flowers in front of "B" Building. Will update with more pix from around the capus next week.


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