Tuesday, February 19th was a super busy winter day at The Williamsport Home and Apartments. In the Afternoon "A" Building had their Candle Light Luncheon. In the evening C and B building had a bus trip to the Southside Eatery for great Italian Food! Everyone had a full tummy and a good time!!

Congratulations to Evie Shipman and Rebecca Getgen, Certified Nursing Assistants at The Williamsport Home Skilled Nursing Center. Evie and Rebecca were nominated and selected by their team to represent The Williamsport Home at this years YOU CAREgiver training hosted by Affinity.

Evie and Rebecca were selected for their dedication and positive example of service. Thank you for representing The Williamsport Home at this event!

Does The Williamsport Home have Volunteer Opportunities?

Yes we do! Most people think that you need a special skill of some kind to volunteer in a Skilled Nursing Facility. 
Nothing could be further from the truth. Do you like to sit outside on a covered porch on a warm sunny day? Do you like to chat? Can you play cards or paint fingernails? Would you be willing to read to a resident that has lost the ability to read for themselves?

If you do have a skill such as painting, playing an instrument, singing, have a registered Service animal, or any other talent you would like to share please call us. You are not too old or too young to make a difference!

There are so many ways you could be helpful and brighten the day of a resident. If you are interested please Contact Dawnette Shobert, the Activities Director at The Williamsport Home at 570-323-8781.

Raise the Region Logo

It's that time again!! The Raise The Region event will occurr on March 13th and 14th!

For all of you that have contributed to The Williamsport Home in the past, we THANK YOU! We respectfully ask that you support us again this year. To learn more about the event, learn about The Williamsport Home or make a donation during the event March 13th and 14th please click here: https://www.raisetheregion.org/.

Thank you!!

The Residents and Staff of The Williamsport Home Apartments would like to wish Harold and Gloria Biichle a very happy 70th Anniversary! Sharing happy milestones with friends and neighbors is a very important part of life on campus.



Dr. John Piper Lycoming Distinquished Professor, presented a program on February 5 from 2-3:30pm at The Williamsport Home Apartments. His topic was an illustrated  historical program on the history of Williamsport during the 1920’s to 1940’s; “Wars, Depression and Key Decisions”.  These years impacted much of the early life of the Residents of The Williamsport Home Apartments. Over forty people attended the presentation and enjoyed it very much.



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