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What is Comfort Care?

Many recognize the term Hospice Care, which is end-of-life care. Here at The Williamsport Home, we like to use the term Comfort Care.

How to know when a loved one with Alzheimer’s needs more care than you can provide at home

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia is a challenging task. Many times as the disease progresses the needs of the person become so great it is very difficult to provide care at home. Many people who suffer from dementia do not sleep well. They often wander and cannot remember how to get back home. They lose the ability to assess dangerous situations such as traffic or terrain. Many women especially will turn on electrical appliances such as stoves but have lost the ability to realize the burners are hot, or they use inappropriate tools or containers on the stove.

Wellness Tips - Be Heart Smart

February is National Heart Month, and not because it is Valentine’s Day. The American Heart Association’s has a “Go Red” campaign which aims to help women take action against heart disease.

How to decide when the time is right to move to a Senior Living Environment

One of the most difficult decisions we make is when to give up a home we have lived in for many years and move to an apartment. Often friends or family see that the move may be necessary before we see it ourselves. Here are some questions to ask yourself if this topic has come up:

Wellness Tips - Glaucoma Awareness

Glaucoma is a disease that slowly steals your vision without warning. It is the leading cause of preventable blindness. Most people do not know they have it.


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