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Mark your calendars!  Follow the balloons to our Valley View, Building C apartments.  

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Who Pays For Nursing Home Care? The Williamsport Home Explains

The nursing home admission process can be overwhelming, especially when considering the emotional impact of placing your loved one in this new environment.  The odds are high that you or someone in your family will need a nursing home sooner or later.  Nursing home care is expensive, averaging upwards of $130,000 per year.  While insurance and public programs may pay some of these costs in certain situations, some people who enter nursing homes begin by paying for their care out-of-pocket. 

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Dining Aide Deb C. loves to decorate her dining room in our Edgewood apartments for our residents' enjoyment. Today she set a ghoulish table for some special friends! Residents Deb D., Jane K., Gerry S. and Gene K. enjoyed the company!!
If you would like to be a guest at one of Deb's tables, please give Kim Rank a call at 570-322-2763.
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Take a look at what our residents are doing in October................

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What is Skilled Care? The Williamsport Home Explains Your Options

When faced with senior care decisions, it is important to understand the various options available and the services you can expect from each provider.

At The Williamsport Home, we have a highly skilled nursing staff that has dedicated their careers to meeting the individual and unique needs of residents.

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