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Although we are in the green phase this will not change our current visitation policy for our Skilled Nursing, Licensed Personal Care or Independent Living residents however, we have implemented a pre-scheduled family visitation along with a signed attestation policy beginning June 15th. Please see our special seating arrangements at each one of our designated areas. To schedule a visitation for Independent Living residents please call Kim Rank, for Personal Care please call Yvonne Laubach and for our Skilled Nursing Facility please call Dawnette Shobert. Each employee can be reached at our main switchboard number of 570-323-8781.

Pre scheduled seating 1         Pre scheduled seating 2     Pre Scheduled seating 3

Pre Scheduled seating 4     Pre Scheduled seating 5     Pre Scheduled seating 6

Pre Scheduled seating 7     Pre Scheduled seating 8

Now that things are beginning to open up our Wellness Coordinator Kaleb Roudabush scheduled some Bocce Ball fun with our residents. Of course, we are following the CDC guidelines of social distancing and sanitizing before and after playing.

Our residents Clair Keefer started off with the first toss of the Pallino ball, followed by his partner Hensy Hauser. Kaleb is measuring who is closest to the Pallino ball. Spectator Lucy Persun watched from her 3rd floor balcony as she cheered on Norma Peacock with her tossing of the Pallino ball along with Ruth Kissell. They had so much fun with their first activity outdoors! Thank you Kaleb!

Bocce Ball Clair Keefer tossing pallino ball   Bocce Ball Clair Keefer 3   Bocce Ball Hensy Hauser 2   Bocce Ball Kaleb Roudabush checking the distance   Bocce Ball Lucy Persun being a spectator   Bocce Ball Norma Peacock tossing Pallino ball   Bocce Ball Norma Peacock 3  Bocce Ball Ruth Kissell 3   Bocce Ball Ruth Kissell 4

Spring is finally in the air and although the flowers are blooming we have found new residents at ou Skilled Nursing Facility.  We are monitoring them and taking weekly photos but we are mindful to stay clear and not to upset their mommas! It's such a Blessing to watch these animals grow right in front of our eyes!

Baby birds nesting    baby birds nesting 3

Fawn outside SUnshine room at SNF     Fawn with Momma

The Williamsport Home loves new guests but these guys are way to cute although we know they will not stay! We will keep an eye on them and take photos to share with so stay tuned.......

Baby birds nesting

May is..............

The Williamsport Home staff..............our friends, our co-workers, our family but most importantly our heroes!

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