Every year The Williamsport Home Apartments has an apartment wide outdoor picnic under a big white tent. Well, every year but the last two when we had to move indoors due to severe weather! We were all a little disappointed that the party had to move inside the three apartment buildings but it was still fun and everyone enjoyed the burgers, corn on the cob, and all the other goodies at the indoor picnic!

The Williamsport Home & Apartment campus is beautiful in all seasons! Summer is no exception. Just a couple of pictures of some of the flowers in front of "B" Building. Will update with more pix from around the capus next week.

Enjoying summer on The Williamsport Home & Apartments campus! Every summer we have "concerts on the green". On Tuesday July 23rd we enjoyed the music of the Historic Rapasz Band! Residents enjoyed sliders (mini hamburgers) and chips, the great music, the mostly nice weather (until the rain came) and the fun of being outdoors with good friends!


If you have never been to our campus you won't know how many hills, banks, and steep angles we have. It is a constant battle to keep those areas looking good for our residents to enjoy. With a limited number of maintenance men that are constantly busy keeping up with the landscaping is a challenge.

We were so blessed to have a helping hand, actually 12 hands to be precise! Mark Sitler, Ashley Sitler and Adam Scheibler from the Hartman Insurance Agency and Leigh Houseknecht, Greg Houseknecht and Dan Braner from Cincinnati Insurance to come spend a day of their weekend to mulch with us. Wow, its hot, sweaty, hard work and they were troopers. Here are some pictures of them and their handy work.

So much appreciation for these fine folks who donated their time to help make our campus more beautiful and enjoyable for our residents!!

The Williamsport Home has long been a partner with the Alzheimer’s Association to provide a monthly support group for those persons that are dealing with a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other forms of Dementia. Our meeting is the first Tuesday of every month at 1:00 PM in the main building of The Williamsport Home. We have literature, an experienced facilitator and a group of attendees that are experiencing the heartbreak of dealing with dementia.

Too many people in this situation feel they need to “go it alone” because no one can understand the challenges, frustrations and emotional stress of being a caregiver. They may feel embarrassed or ashamed to share some of their experiences. But there are people dealing with many of the same issues. Sometimes support comes in the guise of another person just listening. Sometimes it is helpful hints for dealing with the behaviors that can be a part of dementia. Other times it is learning about the disease itself. An explanation of the “Why” of the behavior.

There is no right answer to cope with Alzheimer’s but there is support available. If you do not feel comfortable with a support group please visit ALZ.ORG on line. There is a wealth of information and pathways for support on that website.

Some helpful thoughts to remember:

  1. Agree, never argue
  2. Divert, never reason
  3. Distract, never shame
  4. Reassure, never lecture
  5. Reminisce, never say “remember”
  6. Repeat, never say “I told you”
  7. Do what they can do, never say “you can’t”
  8. Ask, never demand
  9. Encourage, never condescend
  10. Reinforce, never force

If you are not sure what these mean, or understand how to do them, come to our support group on Tuesday, July 2nd at 1:00 PM at The Williamsport Home. If you have a question about the group please call 570-323-8781 and ask for Dolores Johnson.


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